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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Artist Profile: Mark Dannenhauer

"My work began with puppetry, primarily performance and international tours with the Bread and Puppet Theater. Then, my wife and I did our own tours, mostly within 20 miles of our then-home on scenic Mission Hill in Boston. Then, Jane become a school librarian and I started doing puppet making workshops. Over time, these workshops became more and more about making puppets of local animals. Thinking it might be good to actually know something about animals and habitats, I entered Antioch in 1998. I emerged from the Individualized Program two years later, self-titled degree in Community Landscape Interpretation in hand. So, that’s what I’m doing, Community Landscape Interpretation. I provide the tools and techniques, shape the design parameters, and assist with necessary problem-solving that community members use to create their own interpretation of local landscapes. My principal media are puppetry and photography, to which I’m hoping to add phonography (work with sound)." (website: http://moncon.greenmuseum.org/papers/dannenhauer1.html)
(photo coutesy of http://www.nashobapaddler.com/)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eco-Artist Tim Gaudreau

Tim Gaudreau is a native New Hampshire artist who is passionate about the natural world and the preservation of the environment. The recipient of several cultural exchange grants, Gaudreau has exhibited internationally including in India and Brazil. A photographic essay, An African Portrait Revisited, exploring Ghana, West Africa on the eve of celebrating 50 years of independence was published in the spring of 2007. His work combines photography with video, new media, graphics and sculpture to create public art advocating awareness of eco-issues. Using a balance of humor and irony as artistic tools, Gaudreau first seeks to provoke public consciousness as an entryway to questioning our relationship to Nature. Through fellowship awards from the New Hampshire State Council on the Art, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the MacDowell Colony, Gaudreau has been able to produce public works that challenge conventional thinking.

(web sites: http://timgaudreau.com/ and http://www.wake-up.ws/)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Naked Trees by Aviva Cohen

Naked Trees
"Last winter I began to photograph deciduous trees on my way to and from my job at New Hampshire Community Technical College. I was fascinated with the various shapes and structures of the trees that were only emphasized by the fact that they were bare of leaves. I would stop by the side of the road and snap them with my digital camera. I teach digital imaging and my favorite software application is Photoshop. I manipulated the images in Photoshop to create this montage. I sought to emphasize the structure of the trees and the way the branches grow out from the trunks, break into smaller branches and are silhouetted against the sky." - Aviva Cohen

This print is available for sale, please contact Aviva Cohen - aviva114 [AT] comcast [DOT] net

Aviva Cohen earned her BFA in art education from the Massachusetts College of Art. She is an alumni of Antioch University of New England, graduating from the Experienced Educators program in 2003. She has taught Art grades 8-12 in Melbourne, Australia and Chelmsford, MA. Currently she is teaching Digital Design and Animation and Fine Arts at New Hampshire Community Technical College at Stratham and Pease. She works in pencil, watercolor, and Photoshop.

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